Monday, December 6, 2010

Funny aphorisms

Life is too serious a thing to be taken too seriously

Both hemispheres of my brain are equally well underdeveloped

Never look a Trojan Horse in the mouth! 

Capitalism so far  is the most flexible and viable socio-economic form of parasitism, which has managed to incorporate the concept of sustainable development. Just imagine helminths who found their parasitic existence inside a cow on the concept of the sustainable development of the cow...

Mankind subordinated justice to 'cannibalistic' egoism which produced the phenomenon of MORALITY

Morality is a masterpiece of socio-psycologically programmed human perversion: an exquisite mixing substitute for two different things: LOVE and JUSTICE - substitute developed in order to avoid BOTH and suppress any twinges of pain and doubts that may stand in the way of pure cannibalistic egoism and parasitism

Amazing how conservative capitalism managed to cross-breed two immiscible things: DARWINISM and CHRISTIANITY. Jewel of demagoguery!